Lépine Residence

When they found this site by the river, the client saw the opportunity to finally build their dream house, contemporary and minimalist.

The proximity with the river led MRA a + d to conceive a narrow and long building in order to exploit the different views that the environment offers while directing the living spaces to the south to take advantage of the presence of the water and sun.

The slope of the land offered the opportunity to build a 3-storey house completely erected above the ground of which only 2 floors would be visible from the street with the garden level overlooking the river.

Conscious of the environment, the owners wanted to opt for systems offering green options and sustainable architecture, including geothermal energy. These systems being too expensive MRA a + d proposed a hybrid approach allowing its client to reconcile their environmental and financial concerns. 

The following systems are integrated to the residence:

  • floors consisting of heat masses with a glycol radiant system
  • a rainwater collection tank supplying the toilets, the washing machine, the garage, the shed and the exterior faucets
  • sun protectors installed above the openings at the ground floor and the upper floor limit the solar rays in the interior spaces in the summer and make the sun penetrate deeper in the winter, thus reducing the energy demand
  • a structure that can withstand a green roof and solar panels

The ground floor layout with its double-height lounge area is fully fenestrated allowing a direct and continuous connection between the interior and nature. The choice of materials, lighting fixtures, equipment, location of outlets controls and switches on the walls were guided by a desire to purify the space to the maximum by eliminating all the elements that could distract the eye.

To respect the client's desire to encourage the local industry, MRA a + d recommended using limestone and maple wood from the Lanaudière region.