Ultramar/CST Sherbrooke Street

Located in Montreal, at the intersection of Sherbrooke and Iberville Streets, the project consists in the expansion of the convenience store by integrating the spaces formerly dedicated to the garage’s service bays while conserving gas pumps.

The complexity of the project stems from the need to reuse an existing building in poor condition so to retain an acquired right. Negotiations with the City of Montreal and the Planning Advisory Committee were necessary to ensure proper architectural integration of the project and its signage in the neighborhood. In addition to the complex approval process by the City, the mandatory 40% retention of the building also forced us to come up with creative technical strategies to preserve structural and envelope elements deteriorated by the lack of maintenance.

The addition of a landscaped area isolates the sidewalks from car traffic on the site. The creation of textured zones on the ground distinguishes pedestrian circulation in order to better secure them. The construction of a structure designed to accommodate a selection of climbing plants conceals the party wall. 

CST Sherbrooke-03780.jpg