McDonald Restaurant Sainte-Julie

This project presented several constraints; located at one of the most important intersections to access the city of Sainte-Julie, the particular configuration of the site, the operational requirements, and the rigorous criteria of the PIIA regulations in place (Site Plan and Architectural Integration) imposed an unconventional siting of the building. What initially appeared to be a constraint turned out to be an opportunity for MRA a + d to design each facade with the same architectural treatment as the main facade.

In addition, a considerable effort had to be made to configure the drive-thru so to minimize its impact on the main street.  

With a total floor area of 6900 sq.ft spread over 2 floors, the building houses all the operations of the restaurant and the corporate offices of the franchisee. The latter occupying only a portion of the space available above the ground floor, the franchisee took the opportunity to build a roof terrace.

Adjacent to a residential neighbourhood, the site has been designed so that pedestrians can have a safe access to the restaurant’s entrance.

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